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Steel Structure

Steel Structure Fabrication & Installation

Structural steel is becoming more and more popular among new construction and renovations. Whether your project ranges from a couple hundred dollars to over a million dollars, We are equipped to meet your structural steel fabrication and installation needs in .

When you entrust us with your structural steel needs, you can expect us to complete the fabrication and installation on time and according to the highest standards for engineering.

While most of our clients are commercial or industrial in nature, we do offer structural steel fabrication and installation services.

• It’s highly durable – Structural steel structures won’t bend or break because of heavy loads. They also won’t rot, decay, crack or deteriorate over time.

• It’s highly customizable – Structural steel is highly flexible and can be fabricated according to your specifications.

• It’s highly resistant – Structural steel is resistant to termites, fungus and mould and natural elements such as earthquakes, floods, lightning, fires, etc.

• It’s highly predictable – Structural steel components can be designed, fabricated and installed fast due to the predictability and accuracy of the building materials. They’re also cost-effective and eco-friendly.